Using PlusThis to Create Infusionsoft Conference Registration

Abe Kashiwagi

June 25, 2018

Infusionsoft’s Problem with Conference Registration

I have a client who asked a great question.  “How do you create a conference registration campaign?”  I’d like to say there is end all answer for this, but there’s not.  Tons of way to go about cutting this piece of pie.  Let me first show you the problem with doing this and then how I went about solving it for my business.

I am a partner in a company called KSM Inc.  We ran an international conference 2018 in Tempe AZ.  There were about 250 attendees from around the world.  We ran into a big problem when it came to running Infusionsoft with registration.

Let’s say a person wants to register 5 attendees.  How do you get a registration form to pop up 5 times, then have an order form calculate the charge for 5 attendees?  Take into mind that if a person wanted to register for 3 attendees, the experience would have to change to 3 registration forms, then calculating the order for 3 attendees.

This is more difficult.  That is why I made this video on what we did to solve for this problem.  Remember this is not the only way to skin the cat, it is just the way we decided to do it.  Check it out!

Watch the video here!

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