Infusionsoft Contact List Hygiene

Abe Kashiwagi

June 27, 2018

Infusionsoft Contact List Hygiene

Have you ever heard this question before, “Infusionsoft is not sending not all the emails in my database?”  I’ve heard this thousands of times.  If you’ve ever asked this question, then you will want to keep reading because list hygiene will help you avoid being marked as spam.

I have found that most people like to send emails, but never take the time to look at the status of their list hygiene.  In the industry we liked to make sure our lists are clean 🙂

I’m going to show you the Custom List Hygiene Report we do for a lot of our clients and how you can check your database for list hygiene.


These are the statuses for contact’s inside of Infusionsoft (See Infusionsoft definitions):

  1. Unengaged Marketable
  2. Unconfirmed (Single Opt-In)
  3. Confirmed (Legacy ):
  4. Confirmed
  5. Non-Marketable
  6. Lockdown
  7. Soft Bounce
  8. Hard bounce
  9. Opt-Out
  10. Opt-Out Admin
  11. List Unsubscribe
  12. Provide Feedback
  13. Reported SPAM
  14. Invalid Email

For me it’s a bit overkill in how they broke out their statuses.  In my list hygiene report I give my clients some metrics that I believe are simpler and more significant.  Note: I have taken certain Infusionsoft status and combined them.

Key Metrics

Here are some of the key metrics everyone needs to know:

  1. Total Contacts in Database
  2. Contacts with Email
  3. Contacts with Phone Number
  4. Opted Out / Unsubscribed / Spam marked Contacts (Have emails, but unable to send)
  5. Emails that are opt or double opt in (Have emails and are able to send)
  6. Non-Marketable (Never opted in)
  7. Hard Bounces (Opted in, but are not able to send)
  8. People who have not engaged for over 6 months

Often times client’s don’t realize that of the 10K contacts in their database, only 5K are being sent emails.  That is because not everyone in the database has an email, is marketable and has not been designated as a hard bounce in the system (See Infusionsoft definitions for hard bounce):

Infusionsoft Help Center “Email Status Icons Explained”: Email Status Icons Guide
Want to see a demo of list hygiene? Watch The Video Here
Want an agency to help you get your Infusionsoft App cleaned up and running smoothly again? Schedule a Free Scoping Call Here

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