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Spencer Frame


June 28, 2018

Connect Facebook Lead To Your IS Campaign

The beauty of the digital world, is that things can “bee automated”, saving you time and money. If there is a solution for automating mundane tasks in your business, I would recommend using that solution! One of the mundane tasks I found my clients doing, was going to Facebook every other day, exporting a leads form CVS with all of the information about their new leads, and upload it to infusionsoft. Luckily, Zapier allows you to connect a new Facebook lead to your Infusionsoft app without lifting a finger!


You will need to complete these steps in the order that they are listed so that zapier can collect all of the information at the right time. If you try to set up Zapier first, things will go haywire. Here are the steps:

  1. Create an Infusionsoft Campaign with a set of sequences to be triggered when a new lead fills out your form on Facebook.
  2. Create a new Start Tag to initiate that chain of sequences.
  3. Publish your campaign.
  4. Create a new Facebook Lead Form on your Facebook Page Manager under Publishing Tools.
  5. Finish the form (Don’t just save it).
  6. Open Zapier and start a new Zap.
  7. Create a Facebook Lead Ad trigger and a Create/Update Infusionsoft action.
  8. Apply the tag you created earlier anytime someone fills out the form.
  9. Turn On Zap.

Once you have everything set up correctly, you will notice that your business is already beginning to look like a fine-tuned machine, ready to automatically begin nurturing leads for you as you focus on strategically setting up your advertisements. It is almost like a money machine! Give money to Facebook to show your advertisement to qualified people, and then let your Infusionsoft/Zapier machine nurture them until they purchase, making you more money than you put in! Give a little, get a lot!

If you are having trouble setting up your campaign, and need step by step instructions, watch this video tutorial.
If you want a professional to set this up for you quickly and correctly, or already have it set up and want help advertising correctly, schedule a scoping call with us here.

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