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Why Hire An Advertiser?

● We know how to re-target to your audience
 ● We know how to A/B test your ads
● We have time to create ad calendars
● Also, there no contract


Don't worry about spending hours creating ads. Our ad calendar will let you know what is being shown to who, and when.


We carefully track each statistic and deliver it to you so that you can see your progress month over month.


The base of successful advertising is testing. If you aren't testing, you are throwing away good money. Always test so that you are always improving.

Top-Performing Social Media Marketing and Management Agency in USA

Bee Automated is a maverick, creatively oriented, integrated full services web designing and advertising agency. We provide business automation services that are creative enough to build and amplify relationships between various companies and their respective customers. Ideas and vision are something intermedial to everything we do. In fact, a well-executed advertising plan is all about having a unique idea that can be easily perceived by the audience. Our set of quirky ideas and media neutrality is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Advertising and Media

We make sure that the execution of our idea and your vision is projected across all channels through the right amalgamation of understanding, aptitude, and services. Our media professionals thoroughly monitor all the media outlets like radio, TV, press, Google AdWords, Facebook ad management to fabricate an engaging and productive advertising print.

Online Advertisement

Bee Automated has been working in the field of online advertising for years. We have been working in the field of digital marketing to generate online traffic for you. From online ads, quality video production, viral videos, and brand awareness our trafficking services have full control over every operational campaign. Our focus is to help you in using the right online advertising platform to upgrade your business and maximize your profits in the business.

We bring to you years of experience in projecting best online advertising services, to run a high traffic site for your business. We will make sure you get the most out of our expertise and valuable advertising space.

Google AdWords

Google provides you a platform through AdWords where businesses can show ads on Google as well as on various other advertising networks. The AdWords program allows you to set a budget according to your desire and only pay if people click on your ads (Pay Per Click). Google AdWords is largely based on keywords. We target your business through the right keywords and quality content for the advertisement.

AdWords indeed is a great platform to promote your brand and services online. We provide optimized content related ads, pay per click services and Google AdWords marketing services to analyze the sales funnel.

Facebook Ads

Bee Automated is a prominent social media marketing agency in the U.S.A. We follow Facebook updated guidelines to advertise your brand through data that is protected and secure. Our agenda is to increase your brand awareness through Facebook ads in the best possible way by engaging the audiences. Securing your business’s privacy is core to how we execute our ad system. This is one of the main reasons why we are the best Facebook advertising agency in The U.S.A.

Facebook Ad Pricing and Free Strategy PDF

● Facebook Ad Pricing
● 3 Month Ad Plan
● Detailed Split Testing
● Facebook Ad Pricing

LVC Calculator

Total Revenue (365 Days)
Unique Customers (365 Days)
Customer Average Lifespan (3-5 Years)
3 Years


Your Lifetime Value of a Customer (With One Successful Referral):


To get a 50% return on adspend, you'll need to get at least one sale every:


Your Lifetime Loss of a Customer With A Bad Experience:


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